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This product is now discontinued.
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Product Description

This product is now discontinued. Please contact our technical team for a suitable alternative.

Patio Wizard formerly known as Moss and Mould Cleaner 404 is best used for removing all kinds of green growth and mould from all kinds of different hard surfaces such as patios, driveways, paths, playgrounds, tennis courts, block paving etc.

Patio Wizard is an easy to use liquid ideal for Roofs, Patios and Drives, that eradicates , green growth, mould and algae and prevents further infestation. Patio Wizard clears algae from all surfaces and is perfect for use indoors and outdoors.

Best Uses

Patio Wizard is a new type of Mould and Algae remover formulated for removing all kinds of green growth and mould from all kinds of different surfaces. Mould and green growth has a tendency to build up on roofs and walls and this cleaner works excellently at removing such things, giving the surface its natural appearance back.


Patio Wizard is a super concentrate and should be diluted prior to application to the surface after all debris and growth has been removed. No need for washing or scrubbing after application. Patio Wizard leaves a residual coating that helps prevent further infestation occurring.


Patio Wizard has been designed for use in environments where there has been a build up of various kinds of algae and bacteria. In damp and moisturous conditions, Fungi and Algae has a tendency to build up over time and if left untreated can form a horrible looking, unhygienic surface. It is important to keep walls and floors clean from moss and mould as the bacteria can spread fast if left untreated.

Technical Details
  • An easy to use liquid that eradicates mould, fungi, algae and prevents further infestation
  • Patio Wizard clears algae from roofs, wall, patios, drives and paths
  • Patio Wizard is for exterior and interior use on all surfaces
  • Ideal for general maintenance and prior to applying surface coatings
  • Effective and safe removal of lichen and algae from hard surfaces
  • Will clean approximately 3 to 6m2 per Litre.

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