Backpack Sprayer - 12 Litre

Non Hazardous
A Back Pack Sprayer is ideal for the application of moss killers or organic fertilisers on roofs, driveways and walls.
Provides 12 Litre Tank
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Product Description

Back Pack Sprayer offers users a fast way of spraying roofs with roof cleaner, clear wall and patio sealers as well as moss and mould killing products.

Back Pack Sprayer, 12 Litre is specially designed for use on roofs and walls and works well at destroying moss, mould and varying fungi externally.  Back pack sprayer is manufactured specifically for use with roof cleaners and moss killers to allow for easy application while remaining economical.

Best Uses

Back Pack Sprayer, 12 Litre provides users with a quick and effective way of applying moss killers and other organic fertilisers on roofs and walls and other easy transportation and light application without the need for a brush or spray. The Back pack sprayer is a low cost roof cleaning method that can be used with other cleaning substances too, providing you check the application restrictions beforehand and make sure they are suitable for use with the back pack sprayer.


Back Pack Sprayer, 12 Litre offers users a fast way of spraying roofs with roof cleaner and other moss and mould killing products. The Back pack sprayer has a 12 litre tank, meaning you will be able to cover large surface areas quicker than you would be able to with other conventional sprayers or by hand. Back pack sprayer requires minimum effort to operate and has a safety valve that prevents overloading. Back pack sprayer has a wider filler opening and a deep basket strainer that facilitates cleaning and quick filling, saving you time and effort.

Surface and Environment

Back pack sprayer can be used internally or externally on all areas that require cleaning or spraying with different substances. Use the Back pack sprayer with Moss and Mould Killers (Centrecoat GS36) for an easy way to clean roofs and get rid of those horrible looking pesticides. We would strongly recommend using the Back Pack Sprayer for cleaning roofs when the weather is dry so that the cleaning materials can do their jobs properly.

Technical Details
  • The back pack sprayer is an excellent choice for the home user, for average use, even light professional use.
  • The paint sprayer is robust, yet economical. This back pack sprayer is ideal for the application of moss killers or organic fertilisers, on roofs and walls.
  • It has a 12 litre tank and is made of high density polypropylene with a working pressure of 1-4 bar.
  • Heavy Duty Trigger Valve: Easy to operate lever. Lever also locks for constant spraying, with inline filter Reinforced Spray Lance for optimum operating efficiency.
  • Internal, High Efficiency Piston Pump: Long life chemical resistant seals.
  • Operates with minimum effort. Safety valve prevents overloading Carrying Handle: For easy transportation Pumping Lever With Hand Grip Requires less pumping effort.
  • High Pressure Hose, Wide Filler opening and deep basket strainer facilitate cleaning and quick filling.
  • Tank lid has one-way breather valve to prevent leaking.

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