Mapei Antipluviol S, 10 Kg

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A ultra high performance, transparent, siloxane resin, water-repellant impregnator to protect exposed concrete, stone, bricks and tiles from rain.
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Product Description

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Mapei Antipluviol S is an ultra high performance, transparent, siloxane resin, water-repellant impregnator to protect exposed concrete, stone, bricks and tiles from rain.

Antipluviol S is a colourless liquid made from silanes and siloxanes in solvent, characterised by its capacity to penetrate deeply into all absorbent mineral-based materials used in the building industry. Applied to a porous surface, Antipluviol S penetrates deeply and reacts with natural humidity to form a water-repellent layer inside pores and capillaries. Without altering appearance, Antipluviol S provides efficient protection against aggressive atmospheric agents that penetrate structures. The Antipluviol S water repellent treatment also improves the self-cleaning effect of façades and reduces the adhesion of moss and weeds.
Antipluviol S does not form a skin and, therefore, does not substantially modify permeability to water vapour.
Antipluviol S has excellent resistance to the alkalis present in cementitious materials and to UV rays and maintains its water-repellent properties for a very long time.

Best Uses

Mapei Antipluviol S is perfect for repair of plastered walls exposed to rain, preventative treatment of exposed concrete against carbonation, colourless water repellent protection of historic buildings or those of special architectural value, water repellent treatment of walls and face bricks. Antipluviol S has a high rate of UV protection.

Perfect for basements, water tanks, lift wells and areas subject to water pressure, walls subject to rising damp carrying salts, gypsum surfaces, synthetic plasters and surfaces decorated with synthetic paint.

Not suitable for horizontal surfaces.


Carry out an initial test to ensure no colour changes take place when Antipluviol S is to be used on natural stones, coloured renders or other substrates without uniform absorbency. Remove all dirt, dust, grease, oil, paint, salt laitance, moss and weeds from the surface before treating. Always apply onto dry surfaces. To apply Antipluviol S evenly, it is advisable to use a manual shoulder mounted sprayer for large surfaces and a roller or brush for smaller surfaces or for walls with many windows. Apply the product until saturation point by applying one coat after another while still wet. Once Antipluviol S has been applied, the surface cannot be painted. Any painting must therefore be done beforehand using inorganic paints (silicate paint, for example). Do not apply if there is a likelihood of rain, apply between 5°C and 30°C.

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