KEIM Lotexan for Mineral Substrates, 5 Litres

SKU id4164 UN1993 (Class: 3, Pk Grp: III)
KEIM Lotexan a clear water-repellent protective treatment for mineral renders and coatings, fair-faced concrete, prefabricated concrete elements.
Available in 5 Litres
£93.75 (£112.50 Inc VAT)

Product Description

KEIM Lotexan is a water bourne solution for Mineral Substrates, a colourless water repellant based on Siloxane designed for mineral substrates which penetrates deep into the pores of building materials due to its very small particle size creating an invisable barrier that stops water penetrating the walls of a building.

Best Uses

KEIM Lotexan for Mineral Substrates is best used for building exteriors such as render, stone, concrete and fibre-cement boards to provide water resistance whilst maintaining permeability.


KEIM Lotexan for Mineral Substrates must be applied to a dry surface which is free from dust and grease by a brush or ideally by flooding.

Surface and Environment

KEIM Lotexan for Mineral Substrates is best used for exterior surfaces which require a high degree of water resistance such as the rendering of a house or the exterior stone or concrete walls.

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