KEIM Lotexan for Mineral Substrates, 5 Litres

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A clear water-repellent protective treatment for mineral renders and coatings, fair-faced concrete, prefabricated concrete elements.
Available in 5 Litres
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Product Description

KEIM Lotexan is a water bourne solution for Mineral Substrates, a colourless water repellent based on Siloxane designed for mineral substrates which penetrates deep into the pores of building materials due to its very small particle size creating an invisible barrier that stops water penetrating the walls of a building.

Best Uses

KEIM Lotexan is suitable as a water repellent protective treatment, for mineral renders, fair-faced concrete, prefabricated concrete elements, exposed aggregate concrete, calcareous sandstone and fibre-cement boards. KEIM Lotexan provides protection from water, acid rain and atmospheric pollution.


All gaps, cracks and holes in the substrate must be filled prior to any further treatment. Any suspect mortar jointing should be raked out and re-instated where necessary. Any newly repaired areas must be allowed to dry out for a minimum period of 15 days prior to the application of KEIM Lotexan. All surfaces should be washed down with clean cold water to remove all surface dirt and dust.

KEIM Lotexan should be applied by low pressure spray or brush, working from the bottom of the substrate upwards, firstly in a horizontal manner. After a period of approximately 10 minutes a further application may be applied, again from bottom to top, this time in a vertical manner, thus ensuring that all facets of the substrate are well coated.

It is important that KEIM Lotexan is applied onto a dry surface and during a period of time of at least 2 hours when no rain is expected. To prevent the possibility of water ingress through adjoining walls, which would migrate through to the offending areas, contractors should apply KEIM Lotexan products in the manner mentioned above onto any flank or adjoining walls for a depth of at least 1 metre down these walls, even though these areas may not be exhibiting water ingress internally.

Surface and Environment

KEIM Lotexan for Mineral Substrates is best used for exterior surfaces which require a high degree of water resistance such as the rendering of a house or the exterior stone or concrete walls.

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