Protecta-Kote Roller

Non Hazardous
This textured stipple roller is for using with Protectakote where it will give an even textured finish.
Available in 4 and 7 Inches
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Product Description

The Protecta-Kote Roller is for use with Protecta-Kote Rubber Paints and provides a textured finish on smooth surfaces.

Protecta-Kote Roller is a textured paint roller for providing a textured finish to smooth surfaces when a more decorative effect is desired.

Best Uses

Protecta-Kote Roller should be used with Protecta-Kote Rubber Paints to produce a textured finish.


Apply a Protecta-Kote Rubber Paint with the Protecta-Kote Roller, utilising a paint tray. It is available in a choice of 4 inch and 7 inch length, to enable an ease of application to different surface areas.

Surface and Environment

The Protecta-Kote Rubber Roller can be used for applying Protecta-Kote Paint to external surfaces such as corrugated roofs, concrete, wood, fibreglass, metal, rubber and other sound painted materials.

Technical Details
  • Roller refills for Protecta-Kote
  • Provides an even, textured finish
  • NB: Designed for use with Protecta-Kote Rubber Paints

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