*Rustoleum 5410 Tamper for Asphalt Repair

This product is now discontinued.
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Product Description

Please note, this product is now discontinued. Contact our technical team for a suitable alternative.

Rustoleum Tamper 5410 is a 4.5kg square tamper with a steel shaft and is designed to make repairing jobs easier.

As well as high performance paint products and primers, Rustoleum also manufactures excellent quality tools and accessories to aid you in your project work and personal DIY. This tamper is 137cm long and offers you an easy way of applying Asphalt Repair products.

Best Uses

Rustoleum Tamper 5410 has been specifically designed for repairing Asphalt, Concrete and Tarmac surfaces along with the application of repairing systems like 5410 Durable Bitumen-Based Patch Repair from Rustoleum.


This 4.5kg square tamper has a steel shaft and is designed to make repairing jobs easier, with a weighted system that helps you smooth and compact bituminous repair products during and after application.

Surface and Environment

The Rustoleum Tamper is one of many innovative tools brought to you by Promain UK that can be used in an exterior environment on concrete, asphalt and tarmac.

Technical Details
  • A 4.5kg square tamper with a 1370mm steel shaft
  • Ensures optimum application of Rust-Oleum Asphalt Repair

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