Centrecoat Thermoplastic Line Marking Tape

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A superior quality reflective Thermoplastic Road Line Marking Tape for Car Park and Highway Marking. Manufactured in the UK.
Thermoplastic Line Marking is Available in Various Lengths and Widths
£2.55 (£3.06 Inc VAT)
*These colours are for guidance only. Variations between output devices can misrepresent the appearance of an actual colour. Also, we strongly advise that you order your complete paint requirements simultaneously to ensure a uniform batch colour.
£2.55 (£3.06 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Thermoplastic Line Marking Tape is Lead Free, reflective and suitable for car parks, footpaths, school playgrounds cycleways, airports and most concrete or tarmac surfaces - see video.

Manufactured in the UK - this is not a cheap imported product. It has a 20 year proven track record, offering superior colour fastness and durability. The UK's best selling Thermoplastic Line Marking Tape.

The advanced formulation of our best selling thermoplastic rolls has been extensively laboratory tested to offer much greater flexibility and far less chance of the rolls breaking than any other thermoplastic line marking available in the UK.

The 75mm width variant may have a longer delivery time frame, and is also available in green, red, black and blue upon request. We also have limited quantities of 1m x 100mm Red in stock. For further info call our sales team.

CentreCoat Flexiline Thermoplastic Line Marking Tape is lead free and designed for use on roads and car parks as traffic paint and is available in Blue, Black, Red, Yellow and White. With a fast curing time, excellent abrasion qualities and durability, CentreCoat Thermoplastic Line Marking Tape provides a cost effective way of line marking for traffic and is ideal for use as a playground line tape or car park line tape. Suitable for new markings, car parks, ports, footpaths, corporate logos, playgrounds, cycleways, airports, and hard concrete or tarmac sports surfaces. Green RAL 6016 by special order only. 

Best Uses

CentreCoat Thermoplastic Line Marking Tape is ideal for highway marking reinstatement, new road markings, car parks, footpaths, cycleways, airports, ports, playgrounds and hard sports surfaces. Fast permanent reinstatement of road markings, requiring only one person and a Thermoplastic Gas Torch - very cost effective. Clean, crisp road markings, created in minutes, that can be used almost immediately.


Thermoplastic Line Marking Tape should only be applied by using the correct Thermoplastic Gas Torch (please see related products) to melt the tape on to the substrate. It is not possible for this product to be applied with a plumbers type gas torch. After a few minutes the area is ready to return to service. Due to the nature of application, Thermoplastic Line Marking Tape can be applied all year round, even in cold conditions. Centrecoat Thermoplastic lead free Line Marking Tape has a curing time of 10 minutes resulting in a fast return to service. Preformed thermoplastic must be applied at between 190- 200°C to ensure good adhesion. Thermoplastic lines must be stored at a minimum of 10°C or they become brittle. DO NOT APPLY OVER EXISTING PAINTED LINES.

Apply with the glass beads facing upwards.

Surface and Environment

Centrecoat Thermoplastic Line Marking Tape can be applied to all concrete, tarmac and asphalt surfaces, preferably in an external environment, and is ready to withstand traffic and pedestrian use, within minutes of application. Centrecoat Thermoplastic Line Marking Tape offers extreme resistance to sunlight, water, oil, petrol, salt and adverse weathering from rain, snow and ice.

Anti-Skid additive can be added to the preformed thermoplastic material instead of the reflective glass beads to provide an anti slip finish, the preformed thermoplastic rolls can then be applied onto most horizontal surfaces, including steel and iron, and provides very high levels of slip and skid resistance.

Thermoplastic Anti-Skid provides a cost effective solution to the reinstatement of patches of high friction areas on the highway, improvement in slip resistance of service covers such as manholes, fire hydrants and utility service hatches and provides both a visual and slip resistant finish to the edges of steps and stairs.

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