Centrecoat Thermoplastic Electric Car Charging Logo

Non Hazardous
Electric car charging Logo in thermoplastic, easy to apply
Available with either a blue or black background. Also available as white logo only.
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Product Description

Premium Thermoplastic Electric Car Charging logo is a pre-formed logo for Electric Car Charging Points. Available as a white logo on black or blue background. Alternately as a white logo only. Custom Electric vehicle logos are available also.

Best Uses

Centrecoat's premium thermoplastic designs are long lasting, weather and traffic durable and built to withstand constant use. 

Thermoplastic EV Charging logos are placed onto tarmac or concrete roadways, car parks or parking spaces to indicate Electric Vehicle Charging locations. The E logo is then heated with a propane gas torch which melts the thermoplastic making it adhere to the ground. Easy to identify electric car charging charging points in your parking area.

Alternatively, we can provide EV charging stencils to be used alongside MMA or line marking paint to define your bays.


As standard with thermoplastic items, use tack coat to initially adhere the Electric vehicle charging logo to difficult surfaces such as old tarmac. Lay the logo in the area required. Use a gas torch to bind the logo to the road surface. View our video for a comprehensive how to apply an Electric car charging logo guide.
Some installers chose to apply the Electric vehicle charging logo and then use Centrecoat MMA Flex in a colour of their own choice to either paint the whole parking bay or a one metre square around the logo only.


Technical Details
  • Electric Car Charging Point Thermoplastic logo
  • Available as a white logo on black background or white logo only
  • Apply to tarmac roadways, car parks or parking spaces to indicate location of charging point
  • Can be applied to concrete when used in conjunction with the Centrecoat Aerosol Tack Adhesive 
  • Easy application by heating with a standard gas torch
  • Supplied with 250 Gms of anti slip aggregate
  • Blue is RAL 5015
  • Ready for use within 5 minutes.
Product Video

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