RODO ProDec Double Arm Roller Refills, 12 Inch

SKU id1300 Non Hazardous
Replacement rollers for water based and solvent based floor paints.
Available in Sheepskin, Medium Pile and Polyester Short Pile versions
£7.47 (£8.96 Inc VAT)
£7.47 (£8.96 Inc VAT)

Product Description

RODO ProDec Roller Refills 12 Inch are available in sheepskin, polyester and medium pile styles depending on the intended use.

RODO ProDec Roller Refills 12 Inch are among our range of different Brush and Roller Accessories and are available in Medium Pile or Sheepskin.

Best Uses

RODO ProDec Roller Refills 12 Inch are suitable for emulsion/masonry paints on rough surfaces. However, our Sheepskin Refill which is available at a higher cost offers you higher quality paint absorption and release. Like the medium Pile Roller Refills the Sheepskin style is ideal for use with emulsion and masonry paints but you are provided with a more hard wearing and long lasting product.


RODO ProDec Roller Refills 12 Inch should be used with double arm roller frames or telescopic paint rollers, which can be found in the related products.

Sheepskin Roller

A traditional decorator's favourite that gives excellent performance with a wide range of paint types and surfaces, combined with superior durability. The natural wool fibres absorb paint well, giving superb loading and release for an excellent quality of finish. Rodo use Australian merino wool in its rollers, acknowledged by the textile industry as the world's finest grade of sheepskin, which is double combed to optimise its performance and consistency.

Solvent Resistant Roller

Woven synthetic fabric that has good solvent resistant properties, making it ideal for gloss, satin, woodstain and other solvent based products including resin and epoxy paints.

Acrylic (Medium Pile) Roller

Woven synthetic fabric with a good blend of performance and cost. Acrylic is a proven performer whose versatility makes it suitable for many surface types, and for reasons it is the most popular fabric used by tradesmen for emulsion and masonry paints.


RODO ProDec Roller Refills 12 Inch is designed for use in all kinds of different environments and can be used on most types of surfaces in order to achieve the desired finish.

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