*RODO ProDec Advance X7 Brush

This product is now discontinued.
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Product Description

Please note, this product is now discontinued. Contact our technical team for a suitable alternative.

RODO ProDec Advance X7 is made up of a blend of DuPont and SRT filaments that offers improved pick up and release for a smoother finish.

Best Uses

ProDec Advance X7 is a high quality, cost-effective Paint Brush, that is ideal for use with Bedec Multi Surface Paint for enhanced performance and application.


ProDec Advance X7 can be used with practically any paint product and works to improve ease of application with filament tips that are flagged to create a smooth finish. 

Surface and Environment 

ProDec Advance X7 can be used to apply paint and varnishes to any common smooth surface that will not affect the brush shape and can be used in all internal and external applications

Technical Details
  • ProDec Advance X7.
  • The brushes have a Blend of DuPont and SRT filaments for improved pick up and release, and flagged filament tips for a smooth finish. 
  • They feature a lightweight handle and waterproof keeper to aid brush shape retention.
  • 1.5" brush.
  • Advanced synthetic filament blend for superior pick up and flow.
  • The filament tips are flagged to create a smooth finish application.
  • A waterproof keeper helps retain brush shape

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