Mapei Ultratop Industrial

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Self-levelling industrial floor screed based on special hydraulic binders for abrasion-resistant flooring, thickness from 5 to 40mm.
Available in 25 Kg
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Product Description

Mapei Ultratop Industrial is a self-levelling, fast drying industrial floor screed suitable for factories, workshops, store rooms, plant rooms, garages and warehouses.

Mapei Ultratop Industrial is particularly suitable for floors that must be protected with epoxy coatings in chemical and food processing plants.

Ultratop Industrial has been formulated for indoor use for levelling and smoothing new or existing concrete and screed substrates in thickness's from 5mm to 40mm. Ultratop Industrial is a versatile, abrasion resistant, fast drying, self-levelling compound suitable for numerous applications in the building sector for industrial use, such as factories, workshops, store rooms, plant rooms, garages and warehouses where rubber-wheeled vehicles are in use.

Easy to apply either by hand or pump, Ultratop Industrial is made up of special quick-drying and quick-setting binders which set after only a few hours. Ultratop Industrial can be left as a finished floor or over-coated with a finishing coat which can be applied after a very short time.

Best Uses

Supplied in powder form, Ultratop Industrial is designed for internal use for new floors in workshops, factories, warehouses, etc, or for levelling existing concrete and screed substrates. For industrial floors that must be protected with epoxy coatings such as chemical and food processing plants, textile mills and tanneries, Ultratop Industrial is the perfect solution.

Mapei Ultratop Industrial offers fast setting properties making it ideal for use when time is is of the essence. Ultratop Industrial can be left as a finished floor or a Mapei finishing coat can be applied after it has dried.

For cold curing, initially prime with Mapei Primer SN blinded with kiln dried sand or quartz. Afterwards, apply Mapei Ultratop Industrial at a minimum of 5mm maximum 40mm in depth.


Apply Mapei Ultratop Industrial to thoroughly cleaned, desgreased and repaired stable substrates.

Spread Ultratop Industrial by hand or with a pump in a single layer of 5 to 40 mm and use a smoother for a natural finish. Make sure that the material is cast in a regular, continuous flow without interruptions, to avoid defects in flatness and differences in colour. Thanks to its self-levelling properties, Ultratop Industrial eliminates all imperfections left by a smoother.

Pour the content of a 25 kg bag of Ultratop Industrial into a container with 4.25-4.75 litres of clean water and continue mixing with a low speed electric mixer until a smooth, flowable, lump-free mix is formed.

When applying the product, respect the expansion joints in the substrate and form distribution joints at least every 50 m2. With heated floors, the bay size must be no more than 25-30 m2.

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