Teknos Teknodur Aqua 3394 Topcoat Varnish

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A water-borne two pack polyurethane clear varnish for overcoating Teknos Aqua 3393.
Available in 2.7 and 10 Litres in Clear

Product Description

Teknos Teknodur Aqua 3394 is a water-borne two pack polyurethane clear varnish for overcoating Teknos Aqua 3393 to give excellent gloss and colour retention.

Best Uses

Teknos Teknodur Aqua 3394 is a colour and gloss retention clear topcoat varnish for Teknos Aqua 3393. Suitable as part of a system on certain composite and plastic materials. This product is an ideal clear topcoat when coating uPVC or composite doors or windows externally.

Available in Various Gloss Finishes:

  • 3394-02: 15 - 20% Gloss (Teknos Teknodur Aqua Hardener 7323-02)
  • 3394-03: 25 - 30% Gloss (Teknos Teknodur Aqua Hardener 7323-03)
  • 3394-06: 55 - 60% Gloss (Teknos Teknodur Aqua Hardener 7323-06)


Remove from the surfaces any contaminants that might be detrimental to surface preparation and painting. Remove also water-soluble salts by using appropriate methods. The surfaces are prepared according to the different materials as follows:

OLD PAINTED SURFACES SUITABLE FOR OVERCOATING: Any impurities that might be detrimental to the application of paint (e.g. grease and salts) should be removed. The surfaces must be dry and clean. Old, painted surfaces that have exceeded the maximum overcoating time of Teknos 3393 should be roughened as well. Damaged parts should be prepared in accordance with the requirements of the substrate and the maintenance coating. Ensure the prepared surface will not get dirty or damp before treatment.

Clear varnishes with special effects must be stirred thoroughly before mixing with hardener. The base and hardener are mixed together and stirred mechanically thoroughly before application down to the bottom of the tin. Mechanically stir for at least 5 minutes. Inadequate stirring or wrong mixing ratio results in imperfect curing and impaired film properties. Ready paint is to be used within the pot-life. After this the mixture is unfit for use.

For the application it is recommended to use airless spray (nozzle 0.011-0.013") or conventional spray. Conventional spray gives the best result. The components are not to be thinned separately. The hardener of the paint and the ready paint mixture contain isocyanates. In poorly ventilated areas and especially when using spray application we recommend the use of a fresh air mask. In short or temporary work a mask with combined filter A2-P2 can be used. In this case eyes and face are to be protected. The hardener-can must be opened with caution, as pressure may develop in the can during storage.

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Teknos Teknodur Aqua 3393

A water borne two pack polyurethane topcoat, suitable for application to various composite materials and certain plastics.

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