Coo-Var WB101 Anti Graffiti Paint

SKU id2930 Base: UN1263 (Class: 3, Pk Grp: III), Hardener: Non Hazardous
Coo Var Anti Graffiti paint, two pack waterbased, graffiti protection inside and out.
Available in 5 Kg
£141.30 (£169.56 Inc VAT)
£141.30 (£169.56 Inc VAT)

Product Description

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Coo-Var WB101 Anti Graffiti Paint is a clear, two pack, water based coating used for the prevention of graffiti on walls, indoors and outdoors. WB101 Anti Graffiti Paint is an excellent way to protect against unwanted graffiti. Coo-Var WB101 works well at resisting against a wide range of chemicals and solvents.

What is it best used for

Coo-Var WB101 Anti Graffiti Paint is best used on bridges, statues, walls and most other surfaces. Graffiti is becoming an ever growing form of vandalism and businesses are at the forefront of so called 'artists' ambitions. An increasing amount of shops, factories, restaurants and supermarkets are being targeted for vandals to show off their skills with a spray can. WB101 offers excellent resistance to graffiti so that vandals can't get what they want.

How to apply the product

Coo-Var WB101 Anti Graffiti Paint can be applied using brush roller or spray and can be used over compatible oil based paint products to provide users with a glazed finish. Simply cover the area you wish to protect and watch as vandals are unable to graffiti your walls. WB101 Anti Graffiti Paint has a theoretical coverage rate of 5.5-7.5m2 per kg.

Surface/Environment is it designed for

Coo-Var WB101 Anti Graffiti Paint has been specially designed for walls made out of brick and concrete. WB101 is ideal for use in areas that are prone to vandal attacks and helps keep commercial and domestic buildings free from graffiti. This product can also be used on various other surfaces, please contact us for advice if you need any help.

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