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With their in depth knowledge of 2 part resins and hardeners Coo-Var have developed water and solvent based anti-graffiti coatings suitable for application to brick, rendered and painted walls and any other mineral substrates prone to graffiti.

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  1. Coo-Var P101 Anti-Graffiti Coating
    Coo-Var P101 Anti-Graffiti Coating

    A clear polyurethane coating which provides resistance against graffiti for walls and ceilings.

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  2. Coo-Var Guard-Coat Anti-Microbial Floor and Wall Paint
    Coo-Var Guard-Coat Anti-Microbial Floor and Wall Paint

    A tough, hygienic coating that inhibits the growth of micro organisms such as bacteria and germs using silver ion technology.

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15 Items

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These anti graffiti clear paints are supplied as a base to which you add a hardener to before application, once dry the coating offers an extremely hard wearing surface that ink and paint are unable to penetrate, this makes the removal of the graffiti much easier with the aid of a graffiti remover or even a pressure washer or better still a hot water steam cleaner. 

As the summers become hotter buildings are becoming warmer inside, a way of reducing this temperature is to apply a coating of  sola reflective paint available in either silver or white. The silver solar reflective paint from Coo-Var is a solvent based coating based on white spirit and is suitable for flat roofs that have pooling water, white sola reflective paint is only suitable for roof that have a minimum of a 1 degree slope, this is a water based paint coating, both these paints are easy to apply by either paint brush or by a paint roller.