A Floor Coating for Cold Weather

Coo-Var Cold Cure Floor Paint is a protective covering for application in colder temperatures

A recent enquiry about floor coatings resulted in an order for Coo-Var Profloor Plus Cold Cure.

The customer required a quality product and wanted to get the ball rolling ASAP. However they may have been surprised by the reaction received from the technical team at Promain. One thing the team are keen to achieve is the delivery of the correct product to tackle the particular project at hand. In this case, although we supply a myriad of floor paint and coatings, it was important to ensure that we were spot-on with advice that would do just this.

Not every product we stock is suitable for application during the winter months. This is an essential consideration for applications during colder weather. Low temperatures outside mean standard floor coatings will not cure properly. So, in this case, the Coo-Var Profloor Plus Cold Cure, was just the ticket.

Introducing Profloor Plus Cold Cure

Profloor Plus Cold Cure is a 2 pack Epoxy Resin that is solvent free and low in odour. It provides a durable and versatile gloss finish and is available in a range of colours.

The key here was to ensure that current temperatures would not hinder the time that Profloor Plus Cold Cure takes to cure. This is not an issue as Cold Cure should not be applied in temperatures which are above 15 degrees Celsius.

In fact, Profloor Plus Cold Cure is designed to cure between a surface temperature range of between 0 and 10 degrees Celsius.

This proviso gives the added bonus that Profloor Plus Cold Cure is great for areas where it is difficult to maintain a surface temperature that’s above 10 degrees Celsius, during the application and curing period. For example, it’s perfect for using within the food industry, particularly with it being a low odour product. Here, solvent products would not be suitable.

Additionally, Profloor Plus Cold Cure is very easily cleaned. This is essential for food preparation, processing or storage areas. Of course it is not limited to this type of environment. As Profloor Plus is such a hard wearing coating, which is resistant to chemical and oil, it is also ideal for use on breweries, supermarkets, show rooms and industrial workshops and warehouses floors.

Slip Resistance

Many of these environments are areas where a slip or abrasion resistant surfaces are a pre-requisite. These finishes can be achieved, in the case of Profloor Plus, this will be Coo-Var Profloor Plus Anti-Slip Aggregate Component.

This Coo-Var product can definitely be considered versatile. It will remain unaffected by strong detergents and disinfectants and can also be sterilised. Fantastic for businesses where hygiene standards are a legal obligation.

Profloor Plus Cold Cure is great for polymer screeds, concrete and asphalt. All of which are surfaces that are usually found on industrial floors.

Floor Coating for Cold Weather:Technical Info

Here’s a bit on the technical information:

  • Solid Content: All grades 100 percent
  • Coverage: 4 – 5 square metres per kg per coat (subject to porosity, surface contour and aggregate spread rate)
  • Film Thickness: 180 – 200 microns per coat (at above coverage rates)
  • Pot Life: 15 minutes
  • Full Cure: 36 hours at 0 degrees
  • Suitable for foot traffic and a second coat (if required) in 18 hours at 5 degrees

More information is available on the Coo-Var Profloor Plus Cold Cure data sheets which have been added to the Promain website.

Chemical Resistance

Once fully cured, Profloor Plus will give the maximum chemical resistance. However, although it offers chemical resistance against dilute mineral acids, alkalis and certain solvents, any chemical spillages should be removed as quickly as possible. This will prevent concentration by evaporation and thus avoid attack. Avoid aggressive cleaning for five days after application.

Coo-Var P101 Floor Paint
Coo-Var P101 Clear Anti-Slip Floor Paint

With consideration to the fifteen minute pot life, preparation is key. Ensure the area for surfacing is clean and clear and that the correct equipment and quantity of Coo-Var Profloor Plus Cold Cure is at hand. Don’t forget, any doubts or queries can be eradicated by contacting the Promain office. This will ensure the desired attractive and decorative result and minimise any possibility of expensive mistakes.


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