Preventing Copper Cable Theft

There have been a number of reports of yet more copper cable theft from the railways. This can be a common problem for railways, however, Promain’s Identicoat could be the solution to cable theft. Read on to find out more.

Introducing Identicoat

Promain have had a number of enquiries from Police as well as telecommunications companies regarding this issue and how to solve it. Some years ago Promain developed the Identicoat product which has also been trailed by London Underground.

Identicoat is a non-drying coating, which is easy to apply by brush and offers a unique coating colour for your company.  The product contains tracer particles offering either 6, 8 or 10 layers to your own unique colour combination. There are over 37 million unique combinations to choose from. This enables clients to choose their own colour combination to reflect their corporate colour scheme. Each customer will receive their own unique  colour code. Having this unique code assists further with security. Every code is certified and registered by Promain on the manufacturer’s database.

In conclusion, using Identicoat means that if the worst should happen and you are a victim of copper cable theft, you can at least track where they are, and prevent them from being sold on.

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