Corrosion Protection using Rustoleum Noxyde

For many years Promain Paints have been an approved distributor for industrial paints and coatings. We serve commercial, industrial and private customers for their corrosion and weather protection needs. Promain have built up an extensive range of manufacturers products to offer. We have technical guidance on how to prepare and apply these specialist products. This ensures you get the best performance from your coating. One of our preferred products for corrosion protection is Rustoleum Noxyde.

Often used on metal structures (such as the Golden Gate Bridge) , cladding and edge lap protection, this product has the capability of lasting in excess ten years; for larger projects the manufacturers offer an insurance backed guarantee. Noxyde creates a flexible elastic membrane, capable of stretching over 200%.

Noxyde Features

This is the main feature that prevents water seeping through cracks and splits that appear in most other paint coatings, as the metal underneath expands and contracts. An airless sprayer such as the Wagner 117 or the larger 119 are ideal. They enable the consistent application and thickness required on the substrate. An initial brush application of the water based Noxyde applied to a protruding bolt. You may require overlaps to ensure full coverage. When you apply two coats, the use of contrasting colours provides a visual aid for the applicator. This ensures they know which area has been coated. The area still requiring a second coat as the film build is extremely important in providing a waterproof membrane.

Noxyde has another feature where the sprayed particles become a dry powder within 3-4 metres of air-borne travel. Dry fall is the name of this process. This is important when objects or vehicles in the vicinity do not want paint on them! Due to its success, Noxyde has recently become a brand, which now includes Peganox, a version designed for brush or roller application when smaller areas do not require spraying. Pegarust is the solvent based winter grade version which is suitable when humidity is high and temperatures are as low as 0°C.

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