Decothane Ultra Sets New Standard for The Roofing Industry

Sika Liquid Plastics have recently announced the launch of a new product. Decothane Ultra will take liquid applied roof membranes into the next generation. This solution has an odour reduction rate of 80%, just five minutes after it has been applied. After one hour it would have reduced by 95%. These results have been proven by independent testing when compared with the product of a competitor.

Chemistry of Decothane Ultra

The chemistry of Decothane Ultra gives it these unique properties. The coating includes patent curing agents which have been in development by Sika. The liquid is low in solvents as well as having a low odour. You can use it for a number of different applications.

Decothane Ultra Testing

Before the launch of the product, extensive testing was carried out. Mainly in regard to the low odour properties of the roofing solution. These tests were carried out in places where odour would have normally been a problem, such as schools and hospitals. Food manufacturing plants were also included. This testing uncovered that these places were able to operate as normal while the roofing solution was being applied, and that there were no adverse effects on the activities that were being carried out.

The emissions that are given from construction products has been a cause for concern in Europe over the past ten years. Products that contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) are now strictly regulated. However, there is still a demand for products that satisfy the needs of customers.

This has given Sika a challenge in developing a product that performs as their customers expect, while still meeting these regulations. Sika themselves were also keen to be able to supply a product that contains non-hazardous chemicals. Their aim with Decothane Ultra was to develop a low solvent product that performed as well as products that traditionally contained a high quantity of solvents.

Health and Safety

As part of the product development process, Sika worked with a consultancy firm. They were able to advise about the exposure impact of the solution in terms of occupational health. Tests were carried out in areas that had no ventilation. This was so that the product was tested in the most extreme conditions that would be faced. Decothane Ultra did not breach the exposure limits in these tests in the same way that other single component polyurethane products did. This means it is safe for application in confined spaces.

Sika have worked in conjunction with several quality control contractors prior to the launch of Decothane Ultra, such as Surface Protection and Designed Roof Systems. These contractors have applied the roofing solution in buildings such as hospitals and even on a nuclear site. These contractors have found that this is an ideal product for working in a sensitive environment. It is especially good for those that have a large number of people working or visiting them. The low odour properties of Decothane Ultra mean that you can apply it without the need to restrict the activities of these environments.

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