Promain supplies paint to the Electric Railway Museum

The Electric Railway Museum 4 SUB gets a new Blue paint job and the roof gets the protection it needs using paint supplied by Promain UK Limited.


Rustoleum Peganox elastomeric paint
Electric Railway Museum

Electric Railway Museum

This is a four car unit and as such is the largest unit on site at Baginton. The unit was built by British Railways but to a design it inherited from the Southern Railway.

The first batch of SUB units emerged in 1941. However, subsequent production was delayed until the end of World War 2. They were built to carry the huge number of commuters heading to and from work in London and their homes in the suburbs of South London, Surrey, Kent and Middlesex.

The design was for coaches that had the maximum number of seats per square foot. They also had a door to every seating bay that allowed the train to load or unload in quick time. This was important as the trains were on a tight suburban schedule. Each four car unit had a driving motor coach at each end with the bogies under each cab fitted with two 250hp motors and the current collecting shoes to collect the current from the live rail to power the train.

The units ran as eight or ten coach trains using multiple sets. Alternatively they could run as a single four coach unit in less busy periods. The top speed of these units was 70 mph with the emphasis on acceleration to get them to keep time between the frequent station stops.

Rustoleum Peganox

A common use for Peganox is on metal cladding. It is therefore ideal as it is impermeable to water. In addition it is highly resistant to weathering and elastomeric. You can apply Peganox directly to metal or existing coatings.

Rustoleum Peganox Water Based Metal Paint
Rustoleum Peganox Water Based Metal Paint


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