Epoxy Floor Paints for Garages

At the start of the 20th century the motor car was becoming more accessible to people. Also, motor racing was becoming more popular. On February 7th 1900 John Donald Barclay, affectionately known as Jack was born. Jack Barclay enjoyed life to the full and was extremely passionate about motor racing. Pushing his machines to the limit and often beyond, he famously survived a 100mph spin at Brooklands Motor Racing Circuit in Surrey, regained control and went on to win the race. Jack achieved no fewer than eight world records in the international 3 litre racing class. In 1927 he formed his own company JACK BARCLAY LIMITED.

Introducing Jack Barclay Ltd

Jack Barclay are now one of the most respected names in the motor industry. They are also the oldest and most famous Bentley Dealership not only in the UK, but worldwide. The dealership was established over 80 years ago. Offering the highest level of sales and service quality to some of the worlds most respected Businessmen and Entrepreneurs who demand the highest level of quality at all times.

Part of this rich heritage and core values laid down by the company is its presentation not only in its showrooms but also in the service area. Further to a telephone conversation with a specifier regarding painting at the floor in part of service department. Rustoleum was the choice of coatings. Following a report by Rob Niverson of Rustoleum Mathys a written paint system was produced.

Epoxy Floor Paints Specification

As the floor had tiles laid on that were dense and non porous, it was decided that after cleaning with a solution of ND14 (a strong alkaline cleaner that removes not only dirt but grease and tyre residue also leaving the surface ‘squeaky clean’) a thin coat of the renowned adhesion primer from Rustoleum it’s two pack water based epoxy 3333 would be applied at a rate of 35m2 per litre, this extremely thin coating creates a unique bond between smooth surfaces such as tiles, glass and many plastics and the paint. To cope with the extreme pressures of a busy service department, a hard wearing floor paint was required so it was decided that the Rustoleum 9100 part of the NBS specification of coatings would be specified.

9100 is a 2 component paint. You simply add a hardener to the base paint which creates a chemical reaction. This ensures the paint dries to a granite hard finish. This industrial floor paint also provides a coating that is resistant to most strong chemicals, acids, alkalis and solvents. It also benefits from being low solvent minimising any smell. This is a real plus when applying paint coatings in an enclosed environment.

Rustoleum Floor Paint
Rustoleum Floor Paint

These products have provided an ideal system for the floor. They will apply the epoxy floor paints during the Christmas shut down. This is the traditional time for repainting industrial floors. This is as it allows the floor paint not only to dry but also cure without disruption.

Further information on suitable painting systems for not only floors but walls, roofs and any part of the building envelope are available from the Technical Department at Promain.

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