New Generation HOBA Brand Products Launched by PPG

At the recent Aerosol and Dispensing Forum in Paris, PPG Industries launched a range of innovative packaging coatings that will meet all the new requirements. PPG is confident that the new coatings will appeal to consumers, brand owners and manufacturers of packaging in various markets.

The new range of coatings are designed for decorating and protecting plastic tubes. Also as protective internal liners of aluminium tubes and mono bloc aerosol cans. They have greater performance advantages, such as one-component simplification and higher application solids.

PPG Industries global segment manager Robyn McMillan believes these new-generation coatings will have a positive impact for pharmaceutical, personal care, cosmetic and food industries. PPG has industry experience that goes back over several decades. They provide many packaging coating solutions to match the specific needs of customer processes.

New generation PPG varnishes are formulated without the use of Benzophenone or Isopropyl thioxanthone. Instead they are ultraviolet-cured and are BPA-NI (without any BPA intentionally added). Liners for aluminium tubes and mono bloc aerosol cans are also BPA non-intent.

Coatings for Aluminium Aerosol Cans by PPG Industries

These new interior liners from PPG provide better protection than traditional epoxy-based and polyamide-imide coatings:

HOBA VCL (PPG2845) and HOBA™ MAX (PPG8900) will protect sun-care products, hairspray and hair mousse, shave cream deodorants and other personal-care products.

HOBA VCL (PPG2845) is also a suitable protective liner for beverages and food products.

Internal liners for Aluminium Tubes

These new gold-internal liners are both BPA-NI:

HOBA PPG4880 is a suitable liner for personal-care products such as cosmetics and low-PH to neutral-PH. Also for  fatty food products such as mayonnaise, horseradish and mustard. HOBA PPG4990 is resistant to goods containing ammonia and alkaline products. These include products such as hair mousse and hair dye.

PPG Aerosol Paint
PPG Aerosol Paint

Coatings for Plastic Tubes

These BPA-NI and ITX-free UV varnishes for plastic tubes have advantages for tube makers who want to add extra processes:

HOBA PPG3270 is a gloss coating and HOBA PPG3280 has a matt finish. Both have a better capability for scratch resistance and hot-stamping than previous generations.

PPG also provides BPA-NI exterior packaging coatings for aluminium bottles, tubes and aerosol cans.

The complete range of new generation HOBA packaging coatings has been launched globally.

More information about these innovative coatings can be obtained from a local PPG representative such as Promain.

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