Go, Jotun, Go …

At the end of last week, Promain received an article from our Digital Agency, which they thought we might be interested in. The subject was: Jotun are Establishing Themselves in Kenya!!

The irony being that the Promain web team had been working, behind the scenes, on adding a number of Jotun products to the Paints and Coatings for Network Rail and London Underground section of the Promain website.

Jotun Paints for Network Rail and London Underground
Jotun Paints for Network Rail and London Underground

Jotun is one of our leading manufacturers.  They provide high performance products, which Promain are pleased to supply to our customers, throughout the United Kingdom.

Jotun’s range of paints and coatings are designed to meet the latest industry standards.  They use the latest technological advances to do this. The Jotun Company specialises in premium decorative paints that provide a long-lasting finish and an attractive appearance.

The products that we have been adding to the website helps Promain to ensure our reputation as the United Kingdom’s leading supplier of paints and coatings to the rail industry. For those in the know, these products include the Railtrack RT 98 and Section 12 paints and coatings.

Additionally, Promain offers a range of paints for use on the full range of Rail and Underground surfaces. From Rolling Stock to Platforms and Communal Areas to Building Structures.

As always, Promain can provide you with a one stop shop for quality paint and coatings.

Network Rail and London Underground Paints
Network Rail and London Underground Paints


Unfortunately, Promain is unable to deliver Jotun’s products outside the UK. Nevertheless, we are delighted to read about the Company’s proposed growth in East Africa, as detailed in the aforementioned article:

The Norwegian company Jotun is currently one of the largest and fastest growing paint making companies in the world. It is present in over 80 countries, and it is not showing any signs of slowing down any time soon.

This company recently announced a Shs250 million investment in Kenya, as they want to increase their presence and growth in this nation and the East Africa region. This investment is already working towards achieving this goal. Fully equipped regional offices are already being set in Nairobi. Jotun is already employing staff in financial control, marketing, sales, and supply chain.

Ashish Vasudev, who is Jotun’s Kenya Country Manager of the East Africa region, said that they are in the process of making its distribution network stronger by recruiting more dealers to support their business in this nation.

According to Mr. Vasudev, they expect high growth in Kenya, as this country is becoming well-known for its fast growing economic development and high level education; therefore, it is more than certain that it will continue to grow in great measure, which will benefit Jotun.

The direct presence of Jotun in this country ensures more guidance of products and better customer service. This company’s operation in Kenya began through an agent in 1995. Little by little, they began to see an immense potential in this region, which is why now they are established as a legal entity, with plans to already set up a paint factory, which will be utilized to export to other nations in East Africa, within three years. Jotun will still continue importing paints from its factories in Dubai and Egypt

Besides its ongoing investment in Kenya, Jotun is focusing on protective coating and decorative paints to provide better systems and products for exterior protection of constructions and corrosion protection of infrastructure developments, as well as introducing new products for instant powder and marine coating.

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