Hempel Anti-Fouling: Introducing Two Innovative Products

Hempel Paints
Hempel Paints

The well-known and respected global coatings supplier Hempel has recently introduced two innovative products. These products go hand-in-hand with new buildings and dry dockings, to its Dynamic and Globic anti-fouling product lines.

Hempel Anti-Fouling: Dynamic 8000 and Globic 8000 Products

According to Hempel’s Group Product Manager, Andreas Glud, the two innovative products are Dynamic 8000 and Globic 8000. They can be specified for up to ninety months dry docking interval, and can deliver a three percent fuel saving. It can comprise fifty-eight percent volume solids.

Dynamic 8000 Product

Hemple Anti Fouling
Hempel Anti Fouling

Dynamic 8000 utilizes silylated acrylate technology in order for anti-fouling at high speeds. It offers superb control of polishing, low friction, and self-smoothing. The patented microfibres that this product contains give it a strong mechanical power, to avoid the peeling and cracking effect.

Hempel Anti-Fouling: Globic 8000 Product

Hempel state that this hydrolyzing self-polishing product is anti-fouling. It contains Hempel’s nano acrylate technology. In summary, this technology is capable of delivering a superb polishing control mechanism. This allows the integral biocides to route themselves to the surface at a firm rate. Therefore ensuring a clean hull.

To sum up, the Globic 8000 is quite effective for operations that involve slow-steaming. However, it can also be utilized on vessels of all speeds. Applications include maintenance and new building of underwater boot-top and hull.

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