Hempel’s Acquisition Of Schaepman

Schaepman’s Lakfabriekin BV has now been acquired by Hempel. This is part of their growth strategy, which has a time frame of five years. The acquisition of Schaepman’s, a Dutch company which supplies protective, industrial and decorative coatings to specialised industries, goes a long way towards Hempel reaching its target of being in the top ten of world coating suppliers by the time 2015 has ended.

Hempel & Schaepman’s

Schaepman’s has a great deal of expertise. Hempel will be able to benefit from this expertise. Existing customers of Schaepman’s will be able to purchase Hempel products. Both brands will have a wider customer base, due to the global presence that Hempel has.

Hempel’s aim with acquisition is to bring added benefits to their customers, and the expertise that Schaepman’s has in industrial coatings means that Hempel now has more to offer in this area. It is a strong brand in its own right that Hempel feel will do well in the global market.

There are also many benefits for Schaepman and their existing customers. The two companies are a good match as they offer many of the same services. Schaepman products will now be available to a much larger market. Existing customers will be able to continue their operations and processes as normal. There will be no change in the location of production, but there will be more expertise that Hempel can provide.

Hempel Paints
Hempel Paints

In 2012, Blome Internation Inc was acquired by Hempel. They are a manufacturer of protective coatings that are based in the United States. This acquisition has meant that Blome products are now available worldwide. There has been clear growth in the amount of business that Hempel conducts in the Americas.

It is expected that strategic acquisitions will continue to be made in order to increase the presence that Hempel has in the coatings market.

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