Holyhead Renaissance – Stonegrip

More than 700 square metres of Stonegrip has been applied as part of the economic regeneration of Holyhead and its surrounds.

The regeneration development programme, which began in August 2010 and is being carried out in 2 phases, is designed to provide a face-lift for the Isle of Anglesey town and to make it a more attractive venue for tourists and visitors alike.

Stonegrip, has been specified because of its aesthetic, low maintenance and non-slip qualities. As well as its outstanding durability. Marine Square in the town had an application of stonegrip as part of phase 2.

Stonegrip resin bond for footpaths
Stonegrip resin bond for footpaths

The material provides a uniform, weed-free, gravel surface finish without the mess and associated problems of loose chippings. It comprises an epoxy resin binder into which aggregate is bound. The epoxy resin ensures a permanent bond to the substrate. Application of a pigment can complement the selected decorative aggregate dressing. Likewise, aggregates are available in a variety of bespoke colours and textures. These include: stone, spar, granite, marble, and gravel which can create any number of desirable affects.

Stonegrip is the ideal material for regeneration schemes such as that at Holyhead. As well as generally for footpaths, bridle-paths, driveways, pedestrian precincts, heritage and conservation areas, landscaping and car parks.

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