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In You may have heard about the spiralling costs of raw materials. Paul Clayton, Marketing Director, provides his thoughts on this issue. What is the current situation with raw materials?

Paint manufacturers around the globe continue to see raw material costs increasing. Unfortunately, there is little prospect of relief for the foreseeable future.

Why Is This Increase Different To Ordinary Increases?

The increases are much larger than anybody has ever experienced. They are also effecting raw materials that have a long track record of cost stability. Therefore to make matters worse availability is also becoming an issue.

What Are Leighs Paints Doing To Address Raw Material Cost?

Leighs Paints is committed to looking at increasing efficiencies and finding alternative sources of products.

What Does The Cost Increase of Raw Materials Mean for Customers?

Inevitably cost increases will reflect in price increases. Furthermore, we believe it is only fair to provide some warning of these to the market. This way you can begin to make your customers aware of the situation.

In conclusion, we are doing everything we can to mitigate these rises without compromising on performance. Leighs Paints commit to maintaining the standards to deliver product performance.

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