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We recently received an email from a customer who had ordered Owatrol Textrol Penetrating Oil Finish for his decking at his Mobile Home Holiday Park in Italy, last year. He had used it to treat 35 out of 50 decks/verandas.

Reading his email, it sounded like he could have been working for Owatrol’s Marketing Department, the use of superlatives made happy Promain reading:

“The decks look superb! The wood looks new and better quality than when it was actually new! Cleaning it at the end of the season, after six months usage, was so much quicker and easier as the day to day dirt did not get deep into the wood and came off easily with a pressure washer.”

It was unsurprising that our customer was contacting us to place an order to complete the remaining 15 decks.

The Exterior Wood Treatment products offered by Promain, provide a considerable amount of choice for tackling wood cleaning, nourishing and renovation projects.

It may beg the question … where do I start?

Certainly, as we come into the season for spring cleaning and maintenance, it really is time for performing the equivalent of a cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise, on external wooden substrates such as decking, in time for any thoughts of summer.

Owatrol is a quality product, which Promain are proud to supply. To give you a snapshot overview we have picked out the following four products to give you an insight into some of the products from this range.

Owatrol Net-trol Wood Cleaner
Owatrol Net-trol Wood Cleaner

Decking Products

Owatrol Prepdeck Stripper Cleaner (the one that deep cleans)

This is a professional high-grade product that will remove old solid and semi-transparent stains, grade stamps and unwanted finishes from wood. It can also be diluted to clean and remove dirt and surface contaminants.  In addition it enables new wood to absorb a penetrating finish.

Owatrol Net-trol Wood Cleaner and Colour Restorer (the one that cleans and brightens)

Net-trol, is the answer to an unfinished wood’s dream. It isn’t a bleach or chlorine based cleaner but is still a powerful substance that removes all contamination.  It also gets rid of the weathering that can be attributed to mould, mildew and pollution. In short, it cleans and brightens greying, weather beaten wood and restores its natural beauty.

Owatrol Seasonite Protection for New Wood (the one for the younger recipient)

Seasonite protects new wood when it is in its vulnerable first year. Providing protection against the damaging effects of sun and moisture, it seals out excess moisture and makes sure that new wood keeps its looks, for longer.

Owatrol Textrol Penetrating Oil Finish (the moisturising topcoat)

Owatrol Textrol
Owatrol Textrol

What a product! Going back to the initial customer, at the top of the page. This product penetrates deeply into dry wood, saturating fibres without any surface film. Textrol doesn’t flake, peel or blister. Owatrol Textrol Penetrating Oil Finish just wants to resist weathering, mildew and UV damage and enhances the beauty of wood – il lavoro è fatto!

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