It’s All In A Days Work – Anti-Slip Coatings

Around this time last year Promain received an enquiry from an engineer for The Environment Agency. The enquiry concerned a specification for some old and extremely rusty steel bridges. The bridges crossed a number of canals around the UK which were all in need of painting.  Following up that call, Promain later received a further enquiry from The Environment Agency. This time the need was for an anti-slip coating for application to the kerbs on the side of their locks. This has been a cause for concern for many years. As health and safety laws become tougher more attention is being paid to public safety.

Our technical department discussed their requirements, the substrates that required coating and the life expectancy required. As well as this, we discussed the ease of application and the size of the aggregate. This is an important factor during the summer, as people with bare feet may be walking on the paint. After going into detail, we offered a two pack line marking paint, from Centrecoat. This product is commonly found in demanding locations, such as airport runways.

Maintenance Team Hard At Work Using Centrecoat Line Marking Paint Anti-Slip
Epoxy Line Marking Paint

Centrecoat 2 pack epoxy line marking paint is suitable for application to concrete, brick and tarmac making it an ideal choice for the job at hand.

A range of different sized anti-slip aggregates can be added to the paint. This will help increase slip resistance, which is especially necessary on the side of wet and slippery lock edges. The Facilities Manager asked if it was possible for a member of the Promain technical team to demonstrate the coating and show them the different size aggregates available.

A Sunny Visit to Peterborough

This is where the head of technical services, Nino Piazza, enjoyed a sunny visit to a location near Peterborough and showed how easy the paint was to apply by mini roller. He then added the anti-slip aggregate and back rolled it in. After a little practice the maintenance team soon got the hang of it. Now it’s the job of the maintenance crew to apply the paint to nearly four miles of lock edges. Hopefully now nobody will slip and fall in!!

Where is this product ideally used?

Centrecoat two pack epoxy line marking gets regular use in areas such as car parks and warehouse floors. In addition, it is also ideal for use with stencils. This is perfect for creating signs such as no parking or for disabled parking bays. That’s the next job on the Environment Agencies list. They are going to have a busy year, let’s hope the sun keeps shining.

For more information about Centrecoat 2 pack epoxy line marking paint, feel free to give us a call on: 01462 421 333. Alternatively, check it out on-line today at:

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