Jamie Oliver to Open Restaurant in St.Albans

Jamie’s Italian is a rapidly expanding chain of restaurants by Chef Jamie Oliver.  He has three new outlets planned to open over the next few months, including Birmingham, Nottingham, and St Albans.

Jamie's Italian
Jamie’s Italian

Promain were asked to help with providing a class O fire retardant solution to the timber work of this historic building. The product chosen was a HolzProf, a clear treatment applied to the timber which when dry could be either left to expose the beauty of the wood, or painted with a range of acrylic paints such as the Bedec Multi Surface Paint which is available in 30,000 different colours.

The Restaurants

The restaurants offer “Rustic, simple dishes. The best ingredients we could find both locally and in Italy – and seasonal too. All made with care but delivered without lots of fuss. We’ll be making fresh pasta every day. Serving the most beautiful anti-pasti and our aim is create a place where you’ll feel right at home. Tucking into any combination of great food.”

The restaurant will, no doubt, be a welcome addition to the City’s culinary scene. Particularly as it will bring a historic pub building back into use after several years of vacancy. The food looks delicious and, based on photos of the interiors of his existing restaurants, the whole dining experience has been thoughtfully and stylishly created.

Finally, you can find out more about Jamie’s Italian Restaurants here.

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