Lessingham Church

Further to an enquiry at The Traditional Paint Company regarding damp and mould in Lessingham Church, Classidur Tradition was specified.   Classidur is a unique, high quality paint system that deals with serious stain damage efficiently and cost effectively.

Classidur is often used on the interior of churches

Why use Classidur Tradition?

Unlike a conventional emulsion, Classidur exerts no stress on the area it covers.  This means it won’t peel or flake even on difficult surfaces such as limewash or distemper, tackling dried water stains and graffiti, nicotine, mould, soot and smoke in just two cover-all coats.

A lightweight coating, but with a high solid content, it has a high-tech composition of less than 1% aromatics with no emulsifiers and plasticizers, a formulation that avoids drawing old stains back to the surface. It’s ideal as a long-term stain block and covers all. It is virtually odour free and leaves no overlap marks.

Classidur also features a high level of vapour permeability, allowing surfaces to breathe and dry out after redecoration – 88% permeable (compared to limewash and distemper) versus 45 – 50% with conventional emulsion. With no water vapour build up behind the coatings, the risk of subsequent blistering of paint is greatly reduced.

As a cost-saving alternative for the decoration and maintenance of housing, hospitals, schools and other public buildings, renovation paints challenge traditional methods of paint application – providing a lower cost per square metre than a conventional system. For example, using two coats of renovation paint instead of a conventional emulsion to redecorate following fire damage can save 50% in basic preparation costs.

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