Line Marking Painting

Promain have long been recognised for supplying quality paints and coatings to the trade and DIY industry. Our technical department are well known for their knowledge of industrial paints. From structures such as bridges and lighting column’s, to cladding for industrial units, paint for swimming pools, tennis courts, and line marking.

When Ben the newest member of our technical team received a telephone call regarding line marking for a large well known manufacturer of underground soil pipe, he was able to offer them a range of solutions. Their facilities manager had the task of investigating the possibility of carrying out line marking around their 7 sites in the UK. The cost of maintaining lines, walkways and pedestrian crossings to current health and safety standards by an outside contractor have run into many thousands of pounds per annum. They required not only demarcation lines outside in their storage areas and car park but also lines and walkways inside their warehouses.

Line marking paint
Centrecoat Line Marking Machine

An economical solution offered was for them to purchase the Centrecoat Line Marking Machine, this extremely simple machine uses foam rollers to mark the floor which are fed by a dribble bar. The machine holds 12.5 litres of line marking paint enough for 325 metres of 4 inch wide lines. The line marking machine is a gravity fed machine. It does not require any fuel or electricity resulting in very few components to go wrong. This makes it not only simple to operate, but extremely cost effective too. With the increase in environmental concerns, it was suggested that a water-based line stripping paint such as Cataphos was considered. This fast drying paint offers the benefit of application even on damp surfaces such as tarmac or concrete. This is unlike Chlorinated Rubber or Epoxy line making paints, which makes it a real benefit for exterior application.

A site visit was arranged at their Chippenham site to demonstrate the line marking machine. Yellow lines were painted in the yard and also on the power floated floor of one of the warehouse’s.   A survey was carried out around the site to discuss the preparation required to areas. Preparation for removing oil spots with a cleaner such as Rustoleum ND14, or just a jet wash to remove general dirt. In some areas, a simple sweep with a brush was sufficient. Recommendations on how to mask and paint the many pedestrian crossings  were made as well as discussing suitable paints such as Centrecoat Fast Dry Gloss for painting bollards and armco barriers.

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