Colourful Newcastle Council Houses

Keim Mineral Paint
Colourful Newcastle

Newcastle City Council invests in houses of many colours, creating ‘Colourful Newcastle’.

Keim Mineral Paints have been chosen for external re-decoration as part of a multi-million pound Newcastle housing regeneration programme.

Back in 2003, Newcastle City Council presented a new private sector housing strategy. The strategy was at the centre of wider regeneration plans. These plans would involve the whole of the City.  For example, the thrust of this strategy was to improve the poor housing conditions at the lower end of the market.

Declared a ‘renewal area’ in 2006, Newcastle west consists of Elswick Triangle, Arthur’s Hill and Wingrove Terraces. There are approximately 2400 households in this area.

The Neighbourhood Renewal Assessment process indicated that above all, the 3 areas had emerged from a period of relative housing weakness. They therefore certainly appeared capable of benefiting from inward investment.

On the basis of their environmental credentials, Keim Mineral Paints were selected as a partner for the regeneration programme. One of the objectives of the project was to ensure property maintenance and management supported environmental sustainability.

Part of the Inner West Phase 3 programme includes Bishops Avenue, known as the ‘Street of many colours’. Every house within the street is painted in a different vibrant colour using Keim Mineral Paints. As a result this made the street a landmark almost overnight.

Why Choose Keim?

Developed over many years, Keim Mineral Paints are water-borne, liquid silicate paints. They provide a colour fast matt finish which is extremely durable. Due to its high chemical bond characteristics, Keim Mineral Paint will not flake, peel or blister. Another benefit to Keim Mineral Paints is that they are extremely permeable. Therefore, allowing any water contained in the substrate to migrate through the coating to the surface. It then evaporates into the air, all-the-while still offering a sustainable, attractive and protective finish. For this reason, Keim Paints are often specified for historic and listed buildings as an alternative to Limewash.

Finally, for more information on Keim Mineral Paints please contact our Technical Team. Reach us on 01462 421333 or by email: [email protected]

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