Painting Spray Foam Insulation

If you have recently had spray foam insulation installed, you’ll know the range of benefits that it’s going to provide to your property. After just 24 hours, the spray foam will show big improvements in your property’s internal acoustics, helping you to save money on your energy bills. However, one of the downsides of spray foam insulation, tends to be the aesthetics and how it looks after installation, but there is a solution, spray foam insulation can be painted over.

Spray foam insulation has become a popular choice, allowing those who opt to have it installed to benefit from a range of financial savings on energy bills, as well as self efficient temperature control systems, these are just some of the benefits of choosing to have spray foam insulation installed. Each property will have unique, specific benefits, but regardless of the home, the main advantage is keeping warm air where it should be. Spray foam can also provide improvements to your internal acoustics, meaning you can relax at your home in peace and quiet.

Painting foam insulation in your home can help to improve the appearance of your garage or basement or cellar where the walls haven’t yet been covered. At Promain we recommend that water-based acrylics or latex paint is used on spray foam insulation, oil based or solvent based paints should be avoided as they contain chemicals that can damage the spray foam.

Painting over spray foam isn’t a straightforward job, while it is a great way to improve the overall appearance of an insulated space that hasn’t been covered yet, it’s important that care and attention is given when it comes to choosing the paint and application. Oil based paints or solvent based paints can actually damage the spray foam and in some cases can even cause an unexpected chemical reaction, so the overriding rule is to be careful and seek professional advice if necessary. At Promain our technical team is always on hand to provide you with professional guidance and advise you on the best products for your project.

Before painting over spray foam, we recommend that you check if there’s any type of fire barrier in place to protect adjacent living areas. This is usually accommodated with drywall that will completely cover the insulated space and is ready to paint, however there are some paint products and coatings that have been specially designed for spray foam insulation. You can contact Promain’s technical team who have experience in this particular area and can provide you with more expertise and information should you require it.

Like other types of building and construction materials spray foam insulation can be combustible under certain conditions, this is why regional building regulations recommend installing fire rated separation from any occupied living space.

At Promain, as well as an extensive range of only the best products, you can rely on receiving the best professional advice, from selecting the right product, to application methods. What’s more is at Promain, our expert team can suggest the right approach for you and your spray foam insulation paint. Rest assured that you’re in the right place, all of our products are of the highest standards and guaranteed.