PPG Polysiloxane Coatings Celebrates 21st Birthday

PPG Polysiloxane Coatings
PPG Polysiloxane Coatings

The first patent for polysiloxane coatings was made 21 years ago on 4th January 1994. This is something that is being celebrated by the protective and marine coatings division of PPG industries, as it was this company that was granted the first patent.

Introducing Polysiloxanes

Originally designed for the marine industry, polysiloxane coatings are now used in a number of other industries including petrochemical, rail, civil infrastructure and power generation. This cross over into other industries has occurred largely due to the quality of polysiloxane coatings, and the benefits they have compared to other coating methods.

PPG produce the PSX brand of coatings. Since their introduction in 1994, over one billion square feet of surfaces have been covered using the PSX range. Scientists and engineers still continue to develop the coating so that it can continue to offer the properties that are needed by their customers.

The Future of PPG’s Polysiloxane Paints

There are several developments that are being made to improve the polysiloxane coatings by PPG. These include a formulation that is easier to maintain due to it’s single component. These coatings are specifically for the government marine industry. They tend to be semi-gloss with an ultra low volatile organic compound.

There are many benefits that polysiloxane coatings have over epoxy coatings. They generally have a lower VOC content and stronger adhesion. They are also resistant to corrosion and abrasion. Polysiloxanes have less odour, retain their colour and gloss more effectively and have a low surface tension. They do not contain isocyanate’s and so are safer. This is as well as costing less. You only require two coats rather than three. This also means that applying the coating is less labour intensive.

PPG are a global brand distributing worldwide. This includes the SIGMA COATINGS and AMERCOAT brands. Their products can be found in a number of demanding environments in marine, energy and infrastructure industries.

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