Acrypol Metal-Kote: Premier League at Goodison Park

Thanks to Acrypol’s premier league Metal-Kote protection, the roof at Goodison Park will be watertight whatever the season for at least another decade. Everton FC is planning to move to a new ground in the next few years but, in the meantime, needed an affordable way to keep the rain off its devoted fans.

Goodison Park
Goodison Park

Acrypol Metal-Kote

Metal-Kote offered the most cost effective and reliable way to reseal the stands ageing, leaky roof. This meant the Toffees would not have to chew over ways to fund a complete replacement.  More than 2,000 square metres of the acclaimed Acrypol coating in dove grey was supplied to applicator Vale Decorators Liverpool Ltd this summer.

100% Waterproofing

You can apply Acrypol Metal-Kote in a single coat. It will combat flaking, rusting and peeling metal and plastic coated roofs. With no priming necessary, the exclusive formula offers 100% waterproofing and outstanding adhesion.  Alan Bowen, Everton FC’s Stadium Manager, commented: “The club scored a winner with Metal-Kote. It looks fantastic, offers excellent protection from the elements for our fans and was easily the most competitive product around.”

You can apply Acrypol + Waterproof Coating using brush or squeegee. It has a theoretical coverage rate of 1m2 per kg. It works to provide crack and gap coverage of up to 10mm. You can even apply this coating in damp weather conditions. It also provides a long term solution and instant repair to roofing water problems. We do not recommend ACRYPOL + for the treatment of wooden surfaces, tanking, fish ponds or internal use. Air conditioning vents should be sealed for a minimum of 24 hours during and after the application of ACRYPOL +.

Surface and Environment

You can use Acrypol + Waterproof Coating on a variety of different flat roof surfaces. It includes pitched roofs, asphalt, bituminous surfaces, roofing felt, gutters, leadwork, slates, flashings, glasshouses, metals, asbestos sheets, concrete, brickwork, roof lights and PVC.

For further advice on Acrypol products please call Promain on 01462 421 333.

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