Drawing the Line On Overpriced Marking

alsoPromain have long been recognised for supplying Quality Paints and Coatings including Line Marking Paint to the trade and DIY industry. Having been established over thirty years ago, Promain has gained the reputation of being the UK’s leading on-line supplier of Industrial Paints and Coatings.

For customers in the know, our technical department have gained a reputation for their exceptional knowledge of industrial paint products. Everything from Anti-Slip Paints to Zinsser Products. The Technical Team at Promain have a veritable A – Z Smorgasbord of knowledge about the products that Promain offers!

Promain LogoLine Marking Projects

When Ben, the newest member of our technical team, received a telephone call regarding a line marking project, from a large, well known manufacturer of underground soil pipes, he was able to offer them a range of solutions.

The Companies Facilities Manager was tasked with investigating the strategy for a specific line marking project. The company has seven UK sites, all of which required specific line marking. Areas that required demarcation lines included outside the storage areas and in the company car park. As well as to set safe walkways within the warehouse.

The Finance Director had realised that the cost of sub-contracting this essential area of Health and Safety, had run into thousands of pounds per annum.

Centrecoat Line Marking Machine

Ben established that the purchase of a CentreCoat Line Marking Machine, by the Company, would be a start in providing an economical solution.

The CentreCoat Line Marking Machine is an extremely simple machine to use. Foam rollers provide the means of marking the floor and the rollers are ‘fed’ paint through a dribble bar. The machine holds 12.5 litres of line marking paint. This is enough for 325 metres of line marking with a width of 4 inch.

The CentreCoat Line Marking Machine is a gravity fed machine and doesn’t require any fuel or electricity. An added bonus of this fact is that there are very few components that can go wrong. This Line Marking machine is simple to operate and extremely cost effective too.

Environmental Concerns

The team at Promain are aware that many of our customers’ concerns regarding environmental issues, have increased over recent years. This was one of the reasons that a suggestion to consider a water based line striping paint, such as Cataphos, was made.

Cataphos is not only a fast drying paint. It can also be applied to damp surfaces such as tarmac or concrete, which is a huge benefit. It was for this reason that the usually recommended Chlorinated Rubber or Epoxy line making paints were not recommended at this time.

The job needed doing and it needed doing now!

We arranged a site visit to the Company’s site, so we could demonstrate the line marking machine to the Customer. Whilst there, Promain carried out an on-site survey.  We fully informed the Customer about all aspects of the task in hand.

The Promain team are always keen to assist the Customer in achieving a quality outcome by cost effective means. In this case, the information provided covered the need for essential preparation, the suggestion of which product to use for the preparation (Rust-Oleum ND14 Cleaner and Degreaser) or for moss the GS36 and, at the Customer’s request, a suggestion to consider CentreCoat Fast Dry Gloss for painting the bollards and Armco barriers.

Fast Dry Gloss Metal Paint
Fast Dry Gloss Metal Paint

Of course, we were delighted to provide the products for this customer’s project. Above all, we were pleased to be able to provide a cost friendly solution. Helping to ensure that their maintenance budget was used in a more cost effective fashion.

Are you considering a similar project? If so, why not Contact Promain and involve our Team in providing you with the knowledge, assistance and products to help deliver your required outcome.

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