ProtectGuard awarded Best Product in Russia

The ProtectGuard range of products has been awarded the prize of the “best product” at the 2nd international construction forum in Russia.

ProtectGuard’s efficiency has also been certified by the Moscow region car roads department. The Guard Industrie range of coatings for wood, concrete, stone and block paving is available from Promain Paints.

Guard Industries WF Wet Look Paint is a water repellent and stain repellent product. You can use this coating on porous stone to produce a wet look finish. Available in Flat or Semi-Gloss, Guard Industries WF Wet Finish Paint  is an all in product. It offers both water and oil repellency protection to all porous building materials. However, this coating is great for flooring. You can use ProtectGuard WF Wet Finish Paint inside and outside. It is for all porous materials such as natural stone,concrete, terracotta, cement and self-locking paving.

WF Wet Finish Paint is part of our fabulous range of Patio Paints. You can use this product in use in Home and Garden environments.

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