Protecting your Business and Employees with Anti Slip Paints

Although a psychic medium can often be good for predicting the future, they won’t be able to tell you whether someone is going to slip over in your workplace. In recent times, slips and trips in the workplace are occurring more often than ever. Starting in late 2015, early 2016, staff members who have a fall or trip at work, could result in the company being fined with heavy fines up to £20 million! Promain believe that there are many ways to eliminate the risk of slips and trips, both at home and at your workplace. We would like to offer our deluxe range of Anti Slip Paints and Anti Slip Products in an effort to help make your workplace a safer environment.

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The Main Cause of Injuries in The Workplace

Slips and trips are the main cause of injuries in the workplace, costing the industry in excess of £512 million per year. Promain have a wide variety of Anti Slip Paints and Anti Slip Products that have been specifically manufactured to help deter the risk of any slips, trips or any other injuries occurring. We believe that it is a serious issue for businesses that still have ongoing problems through not having fully functional or substantial precautions set in place to avoid any injuries in the workplace. If the guidelines for these safety issues do get put into place, businesses will need to review and improve their health and safety measures or they could be at risk of penalties.

Make Your Workplace as Safe as Possible

Health and safety precautions in the workplace are extremely important. If any injuries or accidents were to occur in your business, it could potentially result in heavy fines and penalties. Make sure your business or workplace has all of the necessary measures put in place, to make your working environment as safe as possible. Anti Slip Paints and Anti Slip Products are a great way to avoid any injuries, slips or trips from happening in your business.

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Below we have included quotes from a member of the Karcher team who is at the forefront of the Karcher ‘Slips and Trips’ Campaign.

“Slips and trips account for over one third of major workplace injuries, and a loss of nearly one million working days in the UK,” said Craig McKay, sales and marketing director at Karcher. “Whilst we welcome any consultation that sets out to improve public health and safety standards, we also want to highlight the economic impact any misstep could have on businesses.”

McKay concluded to say, “Efficient cleaning technologies can help protect businesses’ assets as well as their staff, producing better results and increasing productivity. It is proven that implementing an effective cleaning regime can drastically reduce health and safety risks in the workplace.”

Anti Slip Products From Promain

To ensure all businesses have a high level of health and safety regulations put in place, Promain (like Karcher) purposely offer a wide range of Anti Slip Paints and Anti Slip Products. We believe all businesses should have the best quality of of Anti Slip Products and Paints available, to ensure that their working environment is completely safe. Our Anti Slip Paints and Anti Slip Products have been proven to deliver a high level of safety equipment, to make your working environment as safe as possible.

Don’t let your business fall into any fines or penalties due to inefficient health and safety equipment, call Promain for technical support today. We will deliver the best results to ensure your business is completely safe and isn’t at risk of accidents, injuries or slips and trips in the workplace.

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