The Quiet Yet Sizable Growth of the Waterborne Coatings Market

A press release published by Markets and Markets market research Company caused some interest in the Promain Office, towards the end of last year.

Titled: Waterborne Coatings Market worth $77,838.71 Million by 2019, it made interesting reading – once it had been translated – with a considerable amount of cerebral input!

Epoxy Floor Paint
Epoxy Water Based Floor Paint

Waterborne Coatings Press Release

The press release was based on an original report Waterborne Coatings Market by Resin by Application – Global Forecast to 2019, which had analysed this sector of the paints and coatings market.

With excellent market research of the Global market, the articles had included consideration to:

  • What drives the market
  • The differing global regions
  • Opportunity availability
  • Suggested trends

The expectation was that the market in the Asia-Pacific region, would have the highest rate of global growth, over the next five years. This is already a region that takes the largest slice of the Waterborne Coatings Market cake, both in volume and value; followed by Western Europe.

The evidential growth in market so far has been concentrated within the building, construction, automotive and coatings industries.

The reports also suggested that

  • China, Japan, USA, Germany, India, Brazil, would continue to flourish within the waterborne coatings markets.

Eastern and Central Europe, South-East Asia and Latin American nations all provide the opportunity to supplement the growth of this market.

Thus providing the prospect of a significant impact in the market place.

What Does This Waterborne Coatings Info Mean?

So what is the cause of this increasing demand for waterborne coatings over solvent borne ones?

The Market and Markets’ reports highlight that there remains a high level of developmental investment within the Waterborne Paints and Coatings genre. This includes a focus on technological modifications that match the demands and differing characteristics of the full spectrum of applications (eg. Wood, furniture and plastic coatings) and end-user industries (Manufacturing Companies, Associations and end-product Manufacturers).

As a starting point, water-based coatings are easier to supply and transport, than their solvent based cousins. Additionally, water-based coatings are low in odour and easier to clean up, compared with the less Eco-friendly, solvent based products. The low odour qualities of water-based coatings indicate that they can be ideal for interior use. This is especially as they have a faster drying time too.

A few examples of the water-based products supplied by Promain include:

Roof Paint
Water Based Roof Paint

Promain is the UK’s leading supplier of Paints and Coatings. We are proud of the relationships we have formed with quality paint and coating manufacturers and suppliers.

More importantly though, is the pride that we have in our attention and support for customers.

If you have reached this point of the post you may have realised, as we already appreciate, the Paint and Coatings industry can be a confusing one.

Finally, we leave market analysis reports to those who surpass in that field. Promain concentrate our efforts on ensuring our customers receive the correct, quality product for the task they have at hand.

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