Redecorating a Church

Redecorating a Church – especially an old church, is never a straight forward or easy task. They pose many problems to the decorator, especially when it comes to paints.

Classidur – a high technology product developed by the long established (over 110 years) Vernis Claessens SA of Switzerland, is specifically designed for problem and unusual surfaces typically found in historic buildings such as churches.

Common Problems

Humidity, Condensation and Mildew are common problems. The energy crises experienced by society over the last decades have repercussions on our everyday life. Energy, once cheap, has suddenly become expensive, and instead of wasting energy we now try and save it. We need to realise that saving energy at all costs may have unfortunate consequences. Inadequate heating, reduced ventilation or poorly designed thermal insulation will result in a damp, unhealthy atmosphere, the growth of mildew or premature blistering and flaking of paint systems.

The advent and use of modern emulsion paints, rather than the traditional lime wash or distemper, has caused a multitude of problems with adhesion, micro-porosity and re-coat-ability. Classidur’s micro-porosity enables surfaces to ‘breathe’ after redecoration, thus preventing the build up of water vapour behind the new coatings and subsequent blistering and cracking of paint film.

The Classidur philosophy, technically proven and adapted, is based on seven fundamentals: Experience, Zero Tension, Micro-porosity, Low Odour, Low Specific Gravity, Stain Covering Ability and Hardening in a Controlled Manner. The ‘zero tension’ property of Classidur allows it to be applied directly to the old surface (after an initial brushing off of any loose debris), obviating the need for water on site for preparation.

Additionally, the paints composition – less than 1% aromatics, no emulsifiers, no plasticizers and no water means there is nothing to ‘draw’ old stains back to the surface. Once the surface is dry long standing stains, such as mildew, dry water marks or smoke damage, are permanently obliterated.

If it is necessary, the Classidur range can also be tinted with universal stains to match any existing décor or to retain a historical feel.

We specifically specify the use of Classidur Tradition for use in historic buildings, including churches or where mould might occur. Classidur Tradition offers all the characteristics of the Classidur range, plus very high resistance to the proliferation of mould.

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