Rustol from Owatrol

Owatrol Rustol available from Promain Paints, is used to control Rust for good.  With its technological qualities, it always shows a top efficiency, therefore making it a reference among the “anti-rust“ products.  With its unique formula, it is the key to any rust problem.

Owatrol Rustol In Three Words

“Easy / efficient / long-lasting”.  Rustol is the solution to stabilize and protect all metallic surfaces without having to operate with numerous and fastidious steps.

Easy: Applicable directly on rust, with its remarkable penetrating and wetting power it will spread largely, making it work alone and operating deeply up to the point it reaches the sound metal.

Efficient: Not a rust transformer or destructor, without any chemical effect, the product simply penetrates deep into the surface to stop the rust and prevents it from reforming.

Long-lasting: this product guarantees a lasting protection on any surface, it uses the rust as a pigment to form a protective coat therefore driving out moisture and air from the metal.

Therefore you protect all portals, gates or wrought iron pieces for good against any new rust attack.

Not only…but also: Rustol complies with all legal environmental legislation. Its formula containing no acid or base, Rustol limits toxic dismissals.  It also respects the 2010 COV regulations.

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