Rust-Oleum Sales Team Training

Following the recruitment of two new members of staff (to the growing Promain team) a training session was arranged with Nigel Morgan, the UK Sales Director for Rust-Oleum.

Nigel has many years’ experience, not only training the Rust-Oleum field based sales team, but, having spent over 15 years working for Rust-Oleum (part of RPM Ltd), Nigel knows Rust-Oleum products inside out.

Together with the obvious passion for his portfolio, it promised to be very valuable and beneficial.

Training Session

Nigel held the training session in the board room at Promain’s head office in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Training was based around a PowerPoint presentation which gave an initial overview of the RPM Group and then went on to focus on an oversight of Rust-Oleum Mathys in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Rustoleum Product Training
Rustoleum Product Training

Starting With The Basics

As both of the new members of staff had limited experience in the paint industry, training started with the ‘basics’ before moving on to explanations of the differences between:

  • Single pack paints
  • Two pack paints
  • Alkyds
  • Epoxy paints
  • Polyurethane paints
  • Single and two component coatings

Providing useful and essential information regarding Rust-Oleum’s products in the 123 Maintenance and High Performance ranges.

The morning continued with questions and answers and in-depth explanations on:

  • floor paints
  • hygiene coatings
  • metal coatings
  • roof and driveway paints

Neither of the Promain newbies will be working in the technical department, as the team in this department have undergone a much more in-depth training programme. Indeed, the technical department have received training from most of the 30 manufacturers for whom Promain are approved distributors.

The Promain Business Model

Product training is a key part of the Promain business model. We believe that assisting potential (and returning) customers in the selection of the correct paint, for their task or project, is an absolute priority.

It is so important – we consider it is much better, for those asking our advice, to get it right the first time – rather than having to carry the job out twice. We believe that costly mistakes, both in time and money, should be avoided.

With this in mind we ask lots of questions about the substrate (surface) needing treatment. Also, we will check the environment and weather conditions the paint or coating is intended to be applied in.

For instance,  is it subject to extreme weather such as sea water, the direction of the prevailing wind, or if it will suffer from UV rays from the sun? Other factors that need to be taken into account are those such as whether the surface area is prone to moss, mildew or damp. Will there be a requirement for compliance with Building Regulations such as a Class Zero Spread of Flame?

The whole picture is taken into account, on behalf of our customers, when supplying the perfect paint coating, let alone the necessity of providing a cost effective solution.

If you require any assistance or further information on choosing the correct coating please contact the Promain office or give our Technical Team a call on 01462 421 333 to discuss any problems or concerns you may have.

Regardless of whether you are an architect, facilities manager,  painter and decorator or a member of the public we feel sure we can help and advise. After all, we have been well trained!


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