Manor Coatings Saltaire Cricket Club

Manor Coating Systems are happy to announce they have agreed a three year sponsorship arrangement with Saltaire Cricket Club.

Saltaire Cricket Club

The Cricket club is based by the World Heritage Site at Salts Mill. It is only 2 miles from Manor Coating Systems head office. The sponsorship will help support the resurgence of an important local club.

Manor Hi Build Vinyl Cladding Coating (part of the Manor range of paints from Promain) is a rapid drying, high performance, single coat, self priming low sheen top coat that is also anti-corrosive. It gives a tough and flexible film with remarkable adhesion to many difficult substrates. In addition it is suitable for application at low temperatures .

Manor Hi Build Vinyl Cladding Coating is ideal for all metal surfaces. This includes metal railing and fencing. It adheres directly to galvanised steel without any need for mordant solution or etch primers. Manor Hi Build Vinyl Cladding Coating can be used instead of an etch primer on some metals and as a patch primer for ferrous and non ferrous metals.

For more information on the product used, or for any other products supplied by Promain get in touch today! You can reach our Technical Team on 01462 421333 or vis email on: [email protected]

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