St. Katherine Dock London

Promain have been asked to produce a specification for repainting the steelwork at St Katherine Dock in London.

The system now agreed is for the use of the Centrecoat Fast Dry Gloss to be used. The works are due to start this April and are expected to take around 3 months to complete.

St Katherine Dock is built on a site with over 1000 years of dramatic history. The roots of the buildings on today’s site can be traced back to the 10th Century when King Edgar gave 13 acres of land to 13 Knights, with the right to use the land for trade. There is evidence of there having been a dock at St Katharine’s since 1125 and throughout the ages it has housed a Hospital and Monastery.

Centrecoat Fast Dry Gloss Rust-Inhibiting Paint is a single pack paint. It is hard wearing industrial rust-inhibitive, corrosion resistant urethane modified alkyd. Fast Dry Gloss offers excellent performance to weathering especially sea air. Mould and algae resistant with a high gloss finish it is fast drying even at low temperatures. Ideal for railings, lighting columns and street furniture.

Centrecoat Fast Dry Gloss
Centrecoat Fast Dry Gloss

Fast Dry Gloss Paint is available in 5 litres in a whole range of different bright colours. Therefore your street furniture can be as decorative as it is functional.

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