Bedec Superflex: Promain Helps Stretch McLaren Formula One By 400%

Following a discussion with the maintenance team at McLaren regarding their hospitality trailer that was showing signs of leaking, Promain suggested the use of Bedec Superflex as a remedy.  This product was put forward as it offers amazing elastomeric qualities.  This is a must when coating a roof that will constantly be moving.

Bedec Superflex Elastomeric Coating
Bedec Superflex Elastomeric Coating

When the vehicle is on the move as with all large vehicles, as they go round corners and over bumps they are designed to flex and move. This causes stress on the joints and after time these joints start to leak. Bedec Superflex a water based roofing compound, copes with this stress by flexing up to 400%.


  • Elastomeric flexible coating for roofs and walls
  • Stays flexible for years
  • Free from toxic hazards – Water based
  • Requires no pre-heating or mixing
  • Ready for use
  • Reduces maintenance costs


Easy to apply by brush and quick drying as well as amazing adhesion. This makes Superflex the ideal solution to this common problem.