Promain Staff Technical Training

As part of the ongoing commitment from Promain, all the sales and technical staff attend regular technical training sessions provided by paint manufacturers.

This helps the staff understand new developments in the paint and coating industry. With the introduction of changes by the EU and UK government, new resins and other legislations must be taken into account. Legislation aims to reduce VOC’s and make paint a safer product.

Paint Legislation

Industrial paints have wider guidelines than consumer coatings. These guidelines are continuously changing. Many paint manufacturers are now replacing lead. Lead has been banned in DIY coatings for many years. This however has its drawbacks, for example the strength and longevity of lead based paints. Resin manufacturers are developing new components that can be used in the formulation of paints. Many manufacturers are using these new components to develop water based and low odour as well as 100% solids coating.

Industrial coatings have traditionally provided excellent protection against weathering and UV degradation. This goes back many years to lead based gloss paints. They provide protection for well over 20 years to exterior timber widow frames etc. Development of new coatings offer similar protection to timber and metal alike.

Promain commit to learning and understanding these new developments in order to offer the best possible advice. Promain distribute to an ever expanding client base including London Underground, Architects, Project Managers, Facility Managers, Painters and Decorators as well as the general public.

Feedback provided by the paint manufacturers suggests that Promain staff are by far the keenest to attend these technical training sessions and companies such as PPG, Jotun, 3M and Sika train the staff at Promain far more that any other distributor in the UK.

Sika Training

Recently the head of Technical Services along with the field sale representative from Sika spent the day at the Promain head office in Hitchin. A power-point presentation was following by a practical demonstration. This was of Sika’s low odour, water based, 100% solids and fast return to service floor paints. They are ideal for application in warehouses where a short downtime and fast return to service is vital.

The Future

In conclusion, over the coming year we will undertake more staff training. This is to ensure the highest level of service is provided by the Promain staff. By understanding which paint coating Promain can provide, staff are able to offer not only free excellent advice but are also mindful of the budget restraints.

If you require the best coating for your application please speak to the staff at Promain. It is our delight to share some of their vast knowledge with you.

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