Temporary Road Marking

Temporary Road Markings
Temporary Road Markings

Ask any highway engineer about the problems of using temporary road marking products for road works or other temporary route delineation. Chances are that top of his/her list would be the lengthy and complex installation. Causing disruption and/or costly road closures, poor levels of durability and a difficult removal process. This often also causes damage to the road surface.

Similarly current temporary solutions also have associated problems such as:

  • a lengthy drying/curing process
  • a need for very high installation temperatures
  • danger to operatives
  • a requirement for large machinery.

Yet temporary road markings are an integral part of ensuring that traffic on the UK’s roads continues to flow as smoothly as possible.

So, What is the Answer?

Now Promain has come up with the answer! A new and unique system that resolves all the previously predictable problems. The internationally established road safety products manufacturer has introduced the first (and only) pre-formed, cold applied road paint, marketed under the Paintmark (patents pending) brand.

Paintmark is incredibly simple to use! It is set to revolutionise the temporary road markings market. It is quick and easy to apply by hand. Therefore minimising costly road closures. Traffic can resume immediately and its removal (causing no damage to the road surface) is virtually effortless. Available in a wide selection of shapes, lines, colours.  Including various designs, symbols and company logos. This is due to the innovative manufacturing manner.

Paintmark, which is workable even at low temperatures, comprises three core components. The trafficked surface is Promain’s ‘High Build’ durable waterborne traffic paint, into which high index glass beads can be incorporated to provide appropriate levels of retro-reflectivity, if required.

Reflective Glass Beads for Road Line Paint
Reflective Glass Beads for Road Line Paint

The system bonds to the road surface via a natural bitumen with excellent adhesive qualities. A layer of specially developed high strength fabric between the paint and the adhesive binds the two together.

To achieve removal, simply warm the product with a gas torch or steam hose. The need for hydroblasting, scabbling, or the use of a heat lance, is completely eliminated. Furthermore, no residue remains on the road surface.


Finally, for more information on this or any other products supplied by Promain, contact us on 01462 421333 or [email protected]

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