Pegakote by Rust-Oleum: Toyota Material Handling

Toyota Material Handling approached Promain looking for a hard wearing low odour floor paint. They had been using a well know brand for many years and feeling disappointed with the performance. They took the advice of the technical department and applied Rustoleum Pegakote.

Introducing Rust-Oleum Pegakote

Pegakote is a two pack low odour water based epoxy to their floors, this has provided them with the hard wearing coating they require.

Who are Toyota Material Handling?

Toyota Material Handling is the world’s number 1 supplier of forklifts and warehouse equipment.  They have an unrivalled reputation for technical excellence and customer support.  Toyota has built its success on quality products , customer satisfaction and a strong service network.

They are a part of Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO), an industry leader and one of the most respected companies in the world.

Toyota Industries operates in four business sectors: automotive, materials handling, textile machinery and electronics.  It employs 39,500 people and generates a turnover in excess of twelve million Euros. With global manufacturing through ten production facilities and a worldwide service support network, Toyota has the insight and experience to deliver high quality products and comprehensive business solutions for our customers.

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