2 pack epoxy whiteboard paint from the USA

Dry Erase Wipe Board Paint for Walls
Dry Erase Wipe Board Paint for Walls

Promain are now marketing a 2 pack epoxy whiteboard paint from the USA.  Suitable for home and office use. It is simply mixed and applied to the wall making it an ideal surface for children to write on.

The Whiteboard paint comes to the buyer with a warranty and guarantee that ensures if you are not happy with the product the seller will either refund you the amount or you will get a new product in its place. You will never need the Whiteboard paint warranty as it never ever cracks, peels or stains. It will remain white and never ever turn to yellow or cream. Which might be common with some products that claim to be white. But on close scrutiny you realize that it is cream or yellowish.

The Whiteboard paint need not render you in replacing the entire board. That could turn out to be a far more costly affair. The pen will fly over it and you will feel the ideas flow based on the smoothness and flexibility that it offers for your expression of your ideas. It will outlast and outperform any other treatment that you might be offered for your whiteboard.

Wipe Board, Whiteboard Paint
2 pack epoxy whiteboard paint from the USA

Thereafter, it works perfectly with different kinds of markers without any Whiteboard paint reaction and bleeding of ink. When you have it applied on the whiteboard, you are not left with a trail of the smell of paint or allergens. It is easy to apply and quick to dry. Therefore, within no time is it ready to start working. In fact, if you are worried about the cost and the budget, the Whiteboard paint is the most cost effective way to fix your whiteboard.

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