Box Hill Paint Olympic Cycle Route

Olympic Cycle Route at Box Hill

The men’s and women’s Olympic road races will both be using Box Hill as part of the Olympic road circuit. The men will climb box hill (Zig Zag road) nine times, the women two times. It is a good hill climb 2.5Km, averaging 5%.

Centrecoat Road Line Paint

It only climbs 125 metres, but after nine ascents it’s very testing. Box hill is also popular with a wide range of cyclists.  It’s constant gradient isn’t too severe and you can take it at your own pace. There is a nice café and great views at the top.

Joint Commission

The Zig Zag, a joint commission between the London 2012 Festival and the National Trust, is a road marking 328ft long, completed in Centrecoat bright white road line paint supplied by Promain.

It will form a memorable addition to the Zig Zag Road in this famous chalk landscape for years to come.
The commission, resulted in the Box Hill Road River, as the artwork is called.

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